Nanny Professionalism

The key to a successful position communication and respect. In any job there are things you do not agree with and you would like want to change. Therefore, do not let things fester and discuss the issues with your employer. Speak up and express your concerns.

I know as a nanny you want to come across as willing and flexible but in the long run this can cause problems.

As a nanny you can give guidance on how to deal with different situations but ultimately you need to respect the parents decision and do things their way.

This can be frustrating at times when for example the parents have asked you to certain things and do they opposite. You have to let them know both you and the parents have to work as a team. If they ask you to do something they have to do the same so that the kids will not be confused.

Sit down and have a discussion with the parents in a light hearted meeting, about children`s food, treats, disciplines, TV, gadgets, friends, homework, etc. By doing this you are demonstrating you have the children’s best interest at heart.

Remember you are part of the kids life. You are responsible of kids while the parents are not there.

Inform the parents of every decision you take regarding the kids. Have the time at the end of the day to do a briefing the parents.

As a nanny you become another role model to the children in your care, children will mirror your behaviour. Therefore, you have to have good manners, use correct grammar and show good sportsmanship but remain professional throughout and patient.

In your position, preparation is essential. Plan your days in advance; activities and meals, allowing yourself enough time to fit in homework, etc.

Have enough time in the morning to do a handover with the parents. If you show willingness and turn up early for your shift then the parents in return are more likely to do the same at the end of the day.

Being flexible is a two ways thing, if you are flexible with your employer they will hopefully be with you. Happy employers mean happy children and a happy nanny.

If you can do a little thing to make your employers’ lives easier this will benefit you in the future too.

Check with the parents where they are happy for you to take the children on outings and who they are happy to have in their house. Showing respect by asking goes along way.

In the school holidays be aware of costs and do not take advantage. Limit to maybe to two paid activities a week unless the parents state differently.

There are many activities you can do that are free. Remember when choosing the activities you have the children in mind, this should be what is best for them and appropriate for their age group.