Sample of Nanny Interview Process

It is important to make the nanny feel comfortable. The best way to do this is to: Tell her a bit about yourself. Your family and the job position.

The interview should take about 45 mins to an hour. It is important to see how the nanny interacts with your children.

It is recommended that the children are not present for the whole interview.

If you were to invite the nanny for the second interview this would be the best opportunity to introduce the children to the potential nanny.

Few points on how the interview should be structured

Inform the nanny about your family and children

Inform the nanny about the position.

Ask the nanny about herself and what she is looking for in a job.

Go through the nanny's CV in detail

Asking her to describe a little about each childcare position, so it gives you an insight into her past jobs.

Go through a list of questions relating to the nanny's abilities.

Ask her views on discipline, activities she may provide for the children?

Ask her view on play dates and social activities she may have planned?

Ask the nanny if she has any concerns or questions if she is been offered the job

Describe the position, you are offering in detail. Below is a suggested list of issues that should be covered.

Date the job is due to start
Hours the nanny will be working
Duties and responsibilities, relating to the children and around the house.

if you require something more than nursery duties (e.g. family shopping, laundry etc) this should be mentioned
Any routines already set for the children - swimming, tennis, music classes
The salary you are willing to pay in NET or Gross.
Holidays, if the nanny has any planned holidays and if she is happy to join you on holiday.

You should mention if you require the nanny to take some of her holiday when you take some of your holiday.
House rules such as other nannies coming for play dates.
If it is a live in position, describe and show the nanny the accommodation.

Talk about the use of the kitchen and the other communal areas of the house. Talk about the meals that will be provided, if they will be any.
Talk about children meal preparation and if there are specific diet requirements
Talk about medical issues relating to the children of which the nanny should be aware of.

Talk about the use of car (if applicable)
Babysitting requirement.

Nanny Suggested Interview Questions

Try to use open ended questions

What made you decide to become a nanny?
What qualities do you think make a good nanny?

Can you see yourself being a nanny for the foreseeable future?

What do you like the most about being a nanny?
What do you like least being a nanny?
What would be your idea position?

Education and development

What activities would you plan for kids of similar ages to our children?

What would you plan for a typical day?
What activities do you enjoy with children?
How would you keep the children occupied during the day?

Have you had experience with potty training?

How would you go about it?

Would you be comfortable with helping the children with their homework?

How much experience have you had with helping the children with their homework?


What are your views on discipline?
What do you feel works?

What would you do if one of the children threw a tantrum whilst you were out ?
Do you think manners are important?
How would you introduce them?

Coping with an emergency

What would you do if a child was choking?
Have you dealt with a child emergency? Please give details
Do you have an up to date first aid certificate for children?
What would you if one of the children bumped their head?


Do you like cooking?
What do you like to cook for the children?

Are you happy to plan meals for the children?

Buying the food too?

For babies – Have you prepared bottles?

Have you looked after breast fed babies?

Would you be happy to wean a baby onto solids?

Would you be happy to cook baby food and freeze it?

Reading and television

What are your views on children watching the television?
Do you like reading to the children?
What books do you like to read that would be suitable for our children?
Would you visit the library?


How many days have you have had off sick in the last year?
How is your time keeping?


Do you currently live on your own?
Do you live with your partner?
What does he do?
Are you from a big family?
Where does your family come from?

Nanny’s CV

What was your job role?
What was your typical day?
What activities did you do with the kids?
Why did you leave?
What did you enjoy most about the job?
What did you least enjoy about the job?

End the interview by

Taking the time to read through the nanny’s references.
This is a good opportunity to ask her any questions about what previous the employers have written.
Would she be happy for you to speak to them? Ask her about her qualifications.
Finally ask the nanny if there are any questions she would like to ask you?
Bring the interview to an end. Make, clear what the next stage is. For example, if you have other nannies to see. When you are likely to be in touch with her, regarding your decision.