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Babysitters in Ozoro

From £/hour
Name: Idollo Uyoyou Tracy
Service: Babysitters
Location: Ozoro


Babysitters in CRAIGAVON

From £10/hour
Name: BekahEmerson
Service: Babysitters
I am a motivated, dedicated and easy-going individual. I aim to work to the highest standard and I have great inter personal skills. I can plan out tasks quickly and am always enthusiastic in every task given. I can communicate easily with people and can motivate people to get tasks completed efficiently. I am also able to motivate a team if needed to get tasks completed efficiently and on time. I am a strong team player and can get the hang of new surroundings easily. I have always loved being around children and love to find their interests out to find different ways for them to progress, learn and have fun. I always ensure that there is a natural bond with the children and ensure they are comfortable with whatever activities or ideas are planned.


Babysitters in Trowbridge

From £15/hour
Name: Dot net
Service: Babysitters
Location: Trowbridge
Hello, my name is dot net! I have a lot of patients and I love looking after children. I’m a very easy person to get along with and I’m very adaptable to various situations. In my free time I enjoy long walks, going to the cinema, meeting up with friends and family and having quiet nights in. I’ve recently moved from Bath to Trowbridge and I’m willing to offer my services in bath and the surrounding areas.


Babysitters in Weybridge

From £2/hour
Name: seo web
Service: Babysitters
Location: Weybridge
Very fun and loving 3.5 year old boy and a smiley 11 month old little girl. I am due back to work after maternity leave in March, my 3.5 yr old little boy attends preschool in Esher, and my 11 month old little girl has just started nursery. I am looking for someone to do pick ups and be with the children until i return home from work, help at home with childrens meal time, light house jobs.


Babysitters in Tadworth

From £7/hour
Name: Lorraine
Service: Babysitters
Location: Tadworth
My name is Lorraine and I am an Ofsted registered Childminder based in Tadworth,